Blue Crab in Leesburg, NJ

Anyone that lives in or has visited the Leesburg, NJ area likely knows how popular the community is for its access to fresh seafood. While many delicious types of seafood are available for sale in the area, the most popular and freshest is blue crab, which is often sourced directly from the local Delaware Bay. If you are preparing a great meal and want the freshest crab available, it would be great to come to Haase’s Crabs, as they offer some of the best crab in the area.
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Locally Sourced

One of the best reasons for coming here when you want some fresh crab is that you will know that it is locally sourced. All of the blue crab and many other seafood products sold at this location come straight from Delaware Bay. This is right by the market, and all fish come directly to the store.

Caught With Their Own Boats

One of the factors that continues to separate Haase’s Crabs from other fresh seafood markets is that the fish and crab are caught using their own boats. Each morning, the team with Haase’s will take the boats out to their own traps to bring in a fresh haul of crab. They then clean and prepare it for sale on their own. This cuts out the middle man, which can help to reduce your costs and helps to ensure the fish is as fresh as possible.
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Top Customer Service

If you want fresh crab, getting some support from the experts never hurts. Haase’s team focuses on ensuring you get the right crab for your situation. They sell their blue crab in various ways to serve any size of gathering you might be anticipating. Choose crab by the piece, in half-dozen increments, or by the bushel. They can also offer you any support you need if you have questions about preparing and serving the crab. Haase’s even sells various pieces of cookware and seasoning to help enhance your meal.

When looking for fresh blue crab in the Leesburg, NJ area, you should come down to Haase’s Crab to see what they have in store for you. The seafood market offers blue crab to perfection and fresh blue claw crab that you can take home and prepare on your own. They can offer any support you need to create your next delicious meal at home.

Anyone in the mood for soft-shell crab should come down to Haase’s Crabs to purchase some great crab. The store offers the freshest locally-caught crab in the area, which will ensure you have a great meal.