Not Feeling Crabby?

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for soft-shell crab or blue crab. We get it – five or six days straight of our freshly caught crab can be a lot. That’s why we also sell locally sourced clams and oysters.
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Crab Flatware & Seafood Tools

Eating soft shell crab can take a bit of effort but our team at Haase’s Crabs has got you covered. We carry a variety of seafood tools from crab mallets to the J.O. Spices to finish the meal off. We might even have a few novelty items that make you laugh, too. Stop in and check it out!

Meal Preparation Products

The team with Haase’s Crabs can also offer various meal preparation products. This includes crab flatware and spices, including the very popular J.O. Spice. This can help ensure you can give your crab, clams, oysters, and other fresh fish a unique taste and spicy kick. At the same time, they sell a variety of cookware, including crab flatware that you can use to make some great crab. The team can also offer any support you need if you have questions about how to prepare your fresh fish.
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Don’t Forget to Season the Crab!

We proudly carry a variety of J.O. Seafood Seasoning products to ensure your Hasse’s Crabs meal is memorable and finished just right. Whether you’re fying, baking or boiling your crab, J.O. Seasonings is the perfect compliment to a blue crab dinner or soft shell crab feast! Whether you crave the zip of garlic or want to add some heat and make your crab a spicy meal, J.O. Seasonings promises to be the secret ingredient you’ll never go without again!