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Lisa August 28, 2023
"Best deal on crabs, full basket, excellent customer service. Thank you Dusty! We'll be back Saturday!"
Fred August 22, 2023
"If you’ve never tried a soft shell you’ll never know what your missing. I got a pair to go with my dz hard shell. These were by far the sweetest I’ve ever had. Nothing fancy making just pepper in my flour. Egg wash first. Cut the face off. Removed the lungs. Fried to perfection. You have to really get some from here. !"
Laura Iveson June 20, 2022
"Always priced well, Great service! Nice meaty crabs for Father’s Day yesterday! Thank you Haase’s!"
Laurie Faust August 20, 2021
"Awesome service. Great communication. Nice chatting with Donna."
Dusty Cheesman-Hagemann September 5, 2020
"Last minute pickup turned out to be an awesome dinner. Snow crabs, clams and Jersey Gems (oysters)"