Soft Shell Crab in Leesburg, NJ

Nothing is better than having fresh fish from a local seafood store. For those in the Leesburg, NJ area, a great seafood store to visit for all your fresh fish needs is Haase’s Crabs. This local store has continued to serve the community for a long time and today is best known for having some of the freshest fish in New Jersey, much of which was caught very recently along the Atlantic Coast. One type of fish that they sell is soft-shell crab. When you are looking for the best soft-shell crab, Haase’s Crabs is a great place to visit for various reasons.
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Top Crab in the Northeast

One of the reasons you will want to come to Haase’s Crabs when you are in the market for soft-shell crab is that you will know you are getting quality crab meat. The team with Haase’s Crabs catches all of their crabs from the local Delaware Bay. This bay has continued to be a great source of local crab and is home to various species. Soft shell crab from here continues to be enjoyed by people all over the world, but coming to Haase’s Crabs ensures the crab you get is always fresh.

Caught by Their Own Boats

One of the concerns that someone may have when it comes to buying crab for a meal is that it can be old and have gone through various distributors before it ends up in your local store. Haase’s Crabs is located right along the bay, and they own their own boats. Each morning, the team goes out and catches crabs from their very own traps. They then bring it in, clean it, and prepare it for sale. This ensures you are getting the freshest crab possible.
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Support in Planning Meal

While Haase’s Crabs is best known for selling some very fresh and delicious crab, they also work hard to ensure you can prepare a great meal. When you go into the store, they will help you determine how many crabs you need for the event. They can then give tips on how you can properly cook and prepare it for your meal. If you cannot come into our seafood market, the team offers local delivery services that can be arranged to ensure you are home when the delivery arrives.

Anyone in the mood for soft-shell crab should come down to Haase’s Crabs to purchase some great crab. The store offers the freshest locally-caught crab in the area, which will ensure you have a great meal.